K&H Design + Specialist Decorative Finishes

Jun, 2020

We collaborate with specialist decorative finishers like Henry Van der Vijver, Studio Peascod, Flora Roberts and Ella Robinson. We are very proud of the designs we have created and realised with the support of such fabulously talented and collaborative artisans and craftsman.

K&H Design + Edward Bulmer

Jun, 2020

We collaborate with Edward Bulmer the incredible artisan paint business. We love to use colour in our interiors and these paints give us eternal unity throughout the palette to play games and take licence.

K&H Design + Victoria Bain

Jun, 2020

We collaborate with Victoria Bain Embroidered Textiles who produce exquisitely embroidered fabrics for luxury interiors. We both hand sketch our ideas to develop and create completely unique and free flowing designs for our client.

K&H Design + Rupert Bevan

Jun, 2020

We collaborate with Rupert Bevan who are exceptional designers, makers and finishers. Their breadth of knowledge allow us to experiment with such varied and exquisite finishes which are made here in the UK.

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