K&H Design + Soie de Lune

May, 2020

We collaborate with Soie de Lune creators of luxurious fabrics hand-crafted for inspired interior designers. After visiting their hand weaving workshop in Vientiane Laos we now have the knowledge to be able to deliver a completely unique and bespoke fabric for every clients home.

K&H Design + Svenskt Tenn

May, 2020

We collaborate with Svenskt Tenn and love to incorporate Scandinavian design influences into our UK projects. As well as producing vibrant fabrics, timeless accessories and exquisite furniture Svenskt Tenn uphold business values we strongly believe in.

K&H Design + Vero Fabrics

May, 2020

We collaborate with Vero Fabrics who specialise in the production of luxurious textiles with seamless borders, all woven and dyed in Suffolk, Britain. Visiting the silk weaving mills in Sudbury is an incredible experience. It is a skill steeped in history with great contemporary relevance.

K&H Design + Margit Wittig

Apr, 2020

We regularly collaborate with Margit Wittig, to incorporate her work in different elements of our client’s homes. She is a talented multidisciplinary, sculpture, painter and designer and all of her products are hand made in her London studio.

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