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K&H Design is a client-focused interior design studio, providing original and refined design solutions for residential and commercial projects in Britain and across the world. Meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of how people live are at the heart of all of our projects. We collaborate with craftspeople and specialists to create elegant interiors that also work hard. Good communication with our clients and suppliers underpins all of our work. 

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From space planning to bespoke furniture commissions, we cover all elements of the design process. We like to be involved at the inception of a project, but we can provide expertise and design starting at any stage in the process.

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Our Approach

We don't have a prescriptive look, instead designing interiors that respond to our clients’ requirements and lifestyles. We create spaces that are inviting and make people feel comfortable, while being mindful of budget, timings and the sustainability of materials.

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Our Collaborations

Watch our videos to understand how we collaborate with extremely talented and skilled craftsman and artisans. We reveal the processes and detail involved when designing a completely bespoke piece for our clients’ homes.

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Our Blog

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Designing During Lockdown

On 24 March, a date we will all remember in this year’s “Lockdown” journey, our client – who we are yet to have the privilege of meeting - purchased this investment property in Notting Hill and appointed us as interior architects...

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Interior Architecture and Interior Design for your country home

As Britain continues to re-open we have all witnessed a noticeable shift in sentiment. More than ever people are wanting to uproot to the country as they re-think how they wish to live. We are witnessing a surge in rural property ...

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