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Katie Glaister is the founder of the interior architectural and design studio, K&H Design. Working predominantly with private clients, as well as hoteliers and developers, the studio provides widely informed design solutions to create beautiful, personalised homes and spaces.

Katie began her career in financial futures, working around the world in London, New York, Chicago, and Sydney. Working in this open outcry market place at a time when the City was first beginning to break from its traditionally male dominated culture taught Katie that anything was possible, so long as you worked hard and did the job well, a belief that she has carried through life ever since. While Katie found the challenging nature of the work stimulating, she knew she possessed a creative streak that was not being harnessed working in the City. Coming from a family who had never been afraid to make bold creative decisions, Katie decided after the birth of her children to try her hand at something different and began building a career in sales, marketing, and the design of high-end residential developments. 

It was during this time that Katie first crossed paths with K&H Design’s former co- founder Henry Miller-Robinson, something she often reflects on as having been fateful timing. Although working in different capacities, Katie saw in Henry a level-headedness and focus that she admired and they stayed in touch, noting that they shared a clear appreciation and spirit for inspired design and delivering real homes. 

When by chance the pair later met a couple, who had been searching for some time to find the right design team, Katie and Henry realised that their unique combination of skills and experiences meant that they could provide the client with a uniquely broad and thorough service. Over the subsequent two years, united by their energy, honesty, and clear thinking, the completion of that first project enabled K&H Design to form its values and DNA. Now firmly established and respected within its field, K&H Design works agilely across a wide range of projects in London, throughout the UK and worldwide. Today, K&H Design is recognised for its thoroughly personalised design solutions, practical thought and attention to detail. 

Katie is involved at every level upholding K&H Design’s values of transparency and collaborative work. Katie develops and nurtures strong relationships based on mutual trust with the studio’s many clients. Highly skilled in her approach, this bond enables Katie to work closely with the client to tease out and help them develop their brief, while carefully managing the differing opinions that often arise between clients. Committed to producing refined solutions that resonate with all parties, she ensures that this is delivered with broad, energised, and intelligent design. Katie’s passion for high standards of design and service ensures her continuous close communication with the studio’s talented design team of ten, her ethos that hard work can be combined with incredible fun, running through the heart of K&H Design and reflected in the team’s incredible output. While creativity remains at the heart of Katie’s work, her varied career and experience have ensured her commitment and clear understanding of the exacting requirements of clients and the underlying imperative to make decisions that add value.

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