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Henry Miller-Robinson is the co-founder of the interior architectural and design studio, K&H Design. Working predominantly with private clients, as well as hoteliers and developers, the studio provides widely informed design solutions to create beautiful, personalised spaces. 

Born into a family of steel work engineers, Henry grew up accustomed to family trips to sites with part finished structures and at home, being taught the skills of perspective drawing by his father. Clearly artistic from a young age, Henry readily turned his hand to this, alongside other creative activities such as painting, needlework, and weaving. After achieving a degree in Quantity Surveying and Cost Management, Henry followed his family into commercial construction in the steel fabrication business. Working as a Quantity Surveyor, Henry was highly skilled with numbers and while working in an unaesthetic environment, he found creativity in numbers, finding the process of working out the best value and agreeing accounts hugely satisfying. Fifteen years later, after gaining vast experience in financial and commercial project management and the skill of working collaboratively with large professional teams, Henry made the decision to pursue his life-long passion for interior design. 

Having previously crossed paths with K&H Design’s co-founder Katie Glaister while working in different capacities, Henry had been struck by her energy and desire to always challenge and question things to find the most considered and successful answers. Impressed by her communication skills and natural ability to build relationships with clients based on mutual trust, Henry had kept in touch and when an opportunity presented itself to work together on a large project, Henry and Katie jumped at the chance. Drawn together by their shared principles of honesty and transparency, alongside a passion for creating real homes and sourcing and developing beautiful and practical design solutions, it was this dream project that led to the formation of K&H Design in 2015 and the cementing of values and DNA that still underpin the studio’s approach to every project. 

Henry and Katie’s broad range of combined skills ensure they form the perfect partnership, Henry leading the creative and Katie driving the business and building bonds with clients that are essential to delivering beautiful, complex and often, when the project is a client’s primary home, emotional design. Able to vent his creative and aesthetic flare, underpinned by his many years of relevant technical and financial coordination skills, Henry works closely with the design team with a calm a non-egotistical approach, sharing ideas and fostering individual development. Using lateral thought and problem solving, to find alternative solutions to the predictable, Henry continually encourages the team to push boundaries, whether it is finding a way to engineer a design without diminishing the aesthetic, venturing into new territories, or using artisan crafts and materials in innovative ways. His eye for detail and creative concepts are developed and communicated through his own hand-sketches, while his vast knowledge of architectural history and art movements is complimented by his strong relationships with artisans and suppliers around the world. Henry’s passion for travel and sourcing has resulted in his aptitude for combining traditional and contemporary style with bespoke detailing and touches of humour. 

As their varied portfolio attests, K&H Design prides itself on not having a practice style. Instead, Henry, Katie and their team of eight designers, work collaboratively with clients, listening rather than dictating and using their exacting eye for detail and combined skill set to create projects that are a true reflection of their client’s personalities. This authentic approach results in interiors that are deeply personal, beautiful, refined and visually dramatic, while also being practical, relaxed, and comfortable. 

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